We perform all types Poojas to alleviate the bad effects of certain planets and thereby to attain peace and happiness. The various services provided by us are listed below:

Vivaha Thadassam

Many women are not getting married because of chova dosham or other defects in their horoscopes. Astrology can be used effectively to counter these obstacles and special poojas can be done to overcome them. Wearing amuletsprepared through secret manthras and special poojas rites will bring all round prosperity besides getting married soon. Even after marriage too it will be beneficial and will give wonderful results irrespective of caste or creed.

Santhana Dhosha Pariharam

A person can ward off defects in his horoscope like Surya Dosha, Physical defects loss of offspring etc. and he will get children and happy family life.


Deva Prashna is a special kind of Prashna (Prashna--question, horary astrology)specifically dealing with temple matters or family related matters. A thorough knowledge of all the principles of Prashna Marga, plus a high degree of intelligence, great powers of observation, and keen intuition stemming from spiritual practices and an austere, pure godly lifestyle is needed for this system of divination. Even with modern day perspectives of what is right and what is wrong, most people regardless of caste and religion gets the horoscope of their child written. They approach the astrologer when he or his family face problems, uses the medium of astrology to ask questions to God (Deva Prasnam) and verifies matching of horoscopes of bride and groom to set the date for marriage etc.

Ashtamangalya Prashnam

Ashtamangala Prashnam refers to two things: first of all it refers to a method of numerology which will be referred to later on; secondly it refers to eight (ashtha) auspicious (mangala) items that are used in this type of divination. These items are: ghee lamps (brass lamps with a wick in clarified butter), mirror, gold, milk, yogurt, fruits, book, and white cloth. The divination system uses 108 small conch shells specially selected, cleaned and sanctified. After reciting mantras, the shells are mixed and the first part, ganitha, or calculations, begins. Some are picked up and kept separately. They are divided into different parts of four each, and the balance determines the zodiacal position of the visitor. The selection of the shells is used in conjunction with the position of the planets at the moment the person arrives. Other methods include reading of betel leaves, observation of an oil lamp and the drawing of the astrological chart's outline (rasichakra) by the client. The birth chart of the person is not required. The astrologer begins his reading. As the person confirms the information divined, the phalabagra, predictions and remedies, are recommended. Ashtamangalya prashnam form of divination may be used to ascertain a family problem, a temple problem or even that of a church.

Jathakam (horoscope)

The complete horoscope of a human or Jathakam can be predicted with the help of factors like time of birth, place of birth, name and gender. This will be a big help, to look-into the future and to take adequate measures to prevent ill-fate or to boost up supportive occasions. Find remedial measures for all your ill-fates according to the Jathakam.


Muhurtham or " Auspicious time " Is the best remedial measure in astrology. Select best muhurtham possible to all important occasions like marriage, start new business, start the constructionof new house etc. The horoscopes of bride and groom are studied and an auspicious occasion for marriage ceremony is set.

Roga Nirnayam Jyothishathiloode (Detection of diseases through astrology)

The Ayurvedic science of jyotisha (vedic astrology) can help to make a diagnosis for unhappiness and anxiety by pointing out past and current planetary influences that affect one's well being. Medical Astrology is a relatively unchartered and extremely specialized field by which a trained person, can look at the birth chart of a person when he or she is born and able to pin point the potential weakness or diseases or a potential weak organ of the body and forewarn the patients of the health risk. It is a science and a healing art, which uses the information, derived from one's astrology chart at birth (the natal chart) to ascertain that individual's state of disease and wellness. The natal chart accurately describes one's personality and one's potential internal conflicts, which can lead to imbalances. After an elaborate study of the patient's horoscope, and after some times resorting to a "Prasna" the Astrologer may suggest remedial measures, for the unfavourable planetary positions.

Vaastu Consultation

Vaastu Shastra is the ancient Indian system and art form of architecture and design. It is as old as Feng Shui, if not more ancient, though the latter is the better known eastern system in the world today. Vaastu seeks to find optimal solutions to matters regarding the orientation of a house, its interiors and placement of furniture, the site of the house and choosing a plot before building. Its fundamental principles are flexible and valid enough for the requirements of modern commercial establishments too. Mayoora Jyothisha is happy to announce the launch of a Vaastu Consultancy Service for its visitors. You can send in queries regarding your house, shop or office space. This may range from a general consultation so as to optimize what is already available in your space, or you could ask specific queries about the design and layout of rooms. It may be necessary for you to mail the plans of the rooms that are being consulted for.